NFAA Indoor Target Archery

Check out the largest indoor Archery Tournament in the World! The 2022 Vegas Shoot was an incredible event, with some major twists. This video covers the main event and shootdown with the World’s best archers shooting off for a huge cash prize. With nerves of steel, each professional archer in this shootdown had to successfully shoot a perfect score of 300/300 for three days, to earn a score of 900 to be qualified to enter this shootdown of heavy hitters. Indoor NFAA Archery, USA Archery and World Archery events are some of the most competitive pro archery events held around the USA and World. Watch this nail biting show of incredible archery indoor skill to see who will ultimately prevail at the 2022 Vegas Shoot and take home the cash prize!

Check out what it’s like behind the scenes at the Vegas shoot. Follow Greg Poole as he narrates and shows you inside the Vegas Archery shoot. The Vegas shoot is more than just the big stage where all of the pros shoot down for the big cash pot of money. There are many other areas where amateur archers also compete and win money as well. The Vegas Shoot is the largest indoor archery tournament in the World every year, with as many as 4800 plus shooters in attendance.

If you haven’t been to the Vegas shoot and have a passion for archery, then it is a must do on the list of events to attend. You’ll find vendors for all of the major archery products, you’ll get to compete against other archers on your level and it can all be done under one roof as the South Point Hotel is the venue where it all happens.

So, come along and hang out with Greg Poole, archery guru of Bowjunky Media, and learn what the Vegas Shoot is all about!

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2021 VEGAS SHOOT – Check out the live Championship shootdowns below. The Vegas Shoot is the largest indoor target archery competition in the World. Each year thousands of archers from around the World compete for the chance to win tens of thousands in prize money. These are the best of the best archers and they bring their A game when it comes time for competition in Vegas!

Senior Pro Shootdown – NFAA Vegas Shoot Senior Pro Indoor archers are standing tall on the line shooting for the top prize in the Senior Pro division. These archers are all over 50 years of age and can still hang with the best in the World! Most compete in many different archery disciplines and have for many years. As you will see all are fierce competitors and this will prove to be a battle of the best!

2021 NFAA Indoor Nationals – check out the action from the NFAA Indoor National Championships in Yankton, SD. This is the National Championship to determine who will take home the top prize and designation of National Champion Indoor Archer in the USA.